What is carbon fiber?

CARBON – carbon fiber produced through controlled reaction of organic polymers, consisting almost entirely of elongated carbon structures with chemical similarity to graphite. Their highly organized structure ensures high mechanical strength, and the fact that they consist almost entirely of graphite makes them infusible and chemically resistant.


It resulted in a component made of 100% carbon. The production process involves fusing the carbon fabric through the reinforcement (form) impregnation with resin.
The die, formed by the resin system, combines fibers in the composite material and keeps them in a chosen position. The primary objective of the resin is to pass the load onto the fibers and protect them against external factors. For our projects we use the state-of-the-art highly advanced composites. We use high-performance composite materials, including: high-module carbon fibers, aramid fibers, honeycomb, foam and light fills resistant to gamma radiation, high temperature epoxy resins with heating temperature of above 200oC.


It is the oldest manual method of carbon laminates manufacture. The product is formed through layer stacking of fabric that was infiltrated with resin and the surface layer of klar varnish.

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